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Katie Kennedy


Katie Kennedy began her legal career as a public servant, working as a judicial clerk to an Oakland County Circuit Court judge in the civil/criminal division. While working full-time with the court, she accepted a position in private practice where she could pursue her passion of advocating for clients in the field of family law.

In 2013, Ms. Kennedy was offered the coveted position of Judicial Staff Attorney for an Oakland County Circuit Court judge in the family division. Over the next six years, Ms. Kennedy gained invaluable experience while being directly involved in hundreds, if not thousands, of cases from beginning to end. Given the volume of cases she handled, Ms. Kennedy gained expertise in all areas of family law, including divorce, custody, and support, as well as complicated issues of new impression that have not yet been ruled upon by Michigan courts. While serving in her role as Judicial Staff Attorney, Ms. Kennedy aimed to bring cases to a favorable resolution before trial or hearing. As a result of her success in settling many family law disputes, Ms. Kennedy sought further training and became certified as a Domestic Relations Mediator.

Ms. Kennedy has the unique experience of approaching each case from the perspective of not only a family law practitioner, but as a former member of judicial staff in the family law division.

Ms. Kennedy is graduate of Michigan State University and the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law.

Ms. Kennedy lives in Bloomfield Hills with her husband, also an attorney, and their three children. In her free time, Ms. Kennedy reads, exercises, and enjoys traveling to new places.